A New World

It’s taken me a few weeks to sit down and write, but I left my role at Sage Gateshead on 31st March 2016. I’d been with the company for 10 years, and three years before that as a Folk Degree student… and two before that as a Folkworks Summer School participant. This was a huge decision for me to make but it is one that was right. I’m ready for new and different adventures and I guess this website is part of that journey!

So what have I done with myself since leaving!? Well I went to the Isle of Skye, where I feel so ridiculously at home it’s unfair to wrench myself away when it’s time to come back to England. We had a week of beautiful walks and excellent food and great company. There were six of us in total and three dogs.


After that I’ve been walking Henry, our cute springer spaniel, lots and wondering what to do with myself!


I’ve also been talking to some schools and getting some work set up ready for September. I’ve still got some availability so don’t be shy!

I’m learning to be a massage therapist… you weren’t expecting that now were you!! I’m hoping to be fully trained by September. I’m getting trained two ways, one is by a registered course which will mean I am qualified and insured… but my real training is happening by amazing massage guru, hypnotherapy wonder, nurse, etc. etc. etc. Sarah Imeson Jackson. That’s keeping my brain busy!

I’m still leading West End Voices, Tynedale Community Choir, and Song Reivers so there isn’t too much lounging about!

I’ve had the real pleasure of guest teaching at the Royal Scottish Conservatoire up in Glasgow. I’ve been twice recently working alongside Lori Watson and Mairi MacInnes leading the Song School/Sang Scuil/Sgoil nan Oran. I have so much to say about how good this is I will actually do a whole new blog about it later in the week.

I’d better go, I’ve got two orange cakes to ice!

One thought on “A New World

  1. Good luck with the New World, Kat. Anyone who is lucky enough to have you lead them in a song will smile all day!


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