My Whistles

I play Colin Goldie whistles. Colin has been making whistles for over 20 years. His instruments are made from an aluminium alloy and are based on the Original Low Whistle Design, by Bernard Overton. From 1993 until August 2009, Colin marked the instruments he made as ‘Overton’. Since then he’s used his own name, so they now are marked ‘Goldie’. The Goldies offer a range of whistles from high E (Soprano), all the way down to Low G (Bass Baritone), including all flats and sharps, as well as special-fingering models.

I play a tuneable soprano D and a tuneable G. I love that each whistle has different character, and I absolutely love that you call Colin in Germany and he plays a whole batch of them down the phone for you to hear before you pick!

They aren’t cheap instruments. This is because they are quality and professional instruments. I’ve tried other whistles over the years and these are the best.

I don’t like this photo of me, but look how lovely the whistle is! Photo: Chris Durant


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